The 5 Ws of "Trendless Passion"

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Today we want to expound on the Sensibilitie concept of “trendless passion” and introduce the 5 Ws associating with it. That is, the What, When, Who, Why, and How of “trendless passion”.


So, what is “trendless passion”? It is a notion conceptualized by the Sensibilitie Team in the process of creating the Sensibilitie Collections. Simply put, “trendless passion” is the conceptual soul of the Sensibilitie Collection. Here, we defy following fashion trends that come and go as soon as one season or a couple of years. The focus of our product lines is placed on universal and individual sensibilities, or intense passion for art, culture, nature, literature, music, and intellectuality.

There are, of course, many other sensibilities in our sentiments and emotions besides these six categories listed above. It is safe to state that every individual has a different and unique set of sensibilities, and in turns, it is this set of sensibilities that define who we are as distinct individuals. And who we are, Ling and I, are defined by these six sensibilities.

What then, is the fruit of such “trendless passion”? The Sensibilitie Team labors to create products that are what we consider as the “A.B.C.D.E.F- Fashion.” These abbreviations, respectively stand for

* Alternative
* Becoming
* Conceptual
* Dialectic
* Eclectic
* Free in Spirit

Since the Sensibilitie is based in the States and focuses on serving American customers, we regard our clothing collections as “alternative” because our store brings in styles, designs, and traditions from different parts of the world, and hence, some of our products are “alternative” to American and Western styles.

More specifically, the view of our clothing collections as “becoming” and “conceptual” stands hand in hand with one and another in that, we envision our clothing styles to carry personal meanings and sensibilities, thus having the potential, transformative powers. In other words, when one chooses a clothing style that speaks to one’s sensibilities that are definitive of one’s identity, there is a connection between the personal meaning associating with the clothing one wears and what one wears speaks to one’s sensibilities. This connection and interaction between our personal sensibilities and our choice of fashion based on our sensibilities is what we considered as “dialectic”. As for the idea of our styles being “eclectic” – simply put, this is due to our efforts of finding clothing that derive from ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. The final category with the view of our styles being “free in spirit” is conceived with the rest of the other characteristics in mind. In other words, we maintain that our brand vision being “alternative”, “becoming”, “conceptual”, “dialectic” and “eclectic” result in a style that is “free in spirit”.

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The element of time and temporality is at the center of our brand vision. As stated above, “trendless passion” defies trend that is confined by a temporal structure. Rather than collecting what are most “trendy” and “trending” at the time, we look to provide styles that have lasted for decades, centuries, and even millennia. From this view, the styles that we collect and the collections that we create are in turn the actual products of time, the products that have defied and contested the passing of time, the faintness of memories, and the fragility of tastes.


The Sensibilitie vision of a “trendless passion” is initially created by us and for ourselves. As we think deeper into the relationship between fashion and identity, material objects and our conceptual and emotive worlds, we embark on a journey of a desire to share and extend this “trendless passion” to our friends and people around us. We wish to begin a dialogue of how fashion and identity come together, how we see ourselves in what we wear, and how our emotions are driven by what we have on our bodies and how the material and the emotions mutually have an impact on one and another. So, definitely, our styles are not for the celebrity and those on the runway that take fashion and trend at the center of spotlight. On the contrary, our styles are for the everyday lives or those few special moments where we enjoy our own sensibilities in material forms. We put on a floral dress or a watercolor patterned dress and find the love of nature and art on us. We believe, there is a transformative power in our clothing choice.

Sensibilitie fashion post on trendless passion


The question of why do we find the significance of “trendless passion” is crucial. Fundamentally, we see that embracing our sensibilities is a crucial part of being and living an authentic life in this age when technology continues to take over every aspect of our lives. On a simplistic level of thinking, we wish to take our sensibilities as seriously as we could and as a way to anchor ourselves to what drives our authentic emotions in our bodies and minds. Perhaps even more basically, we believe embracing our passions is ultimately the meaning of life.


How do we pursue this “trendless passion”? As mentioned above, we started out with this vision solely for our own journey of finding ourselves. As we venture deeper into these questions of identity and authenticity in life, we develop a larger and more intense desire to share this concept and vision to more people. We believe that everyone has a different set of sensibilities and we would labor our efforts to provide the clothing that express six categories of sensibilities—our sensibilities. Ultimately, we wish you will share our sensibilities and embrace this “trendless passion”.

Written by: Hong

Hong M

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