WWW: What to Wear to a Wedding?

Shop Sensibilities blog post on what to wear on a wedding

Just received one of these in the your mailbox? 

Sensibilitie blog on what to wear to a wedding

'Tis the wedding season, isn't it? So here comes the WWW.

No, not that WWW. It’s the one that most of us have encountered at least once! You’ve asked yourself or have been asked: What to wear to a wedding?

I just encountered this WWW question recently.

Last night my sister asked in a text for ideas of what to wear to a wedding. Of course, the wise one will have all the questions right on top of her head, right? Not me. 

So instead of giving her that brilliant and singular answer, I torched back to her a series of questions with all the pluralities of unknown. A good sister, huh?

  1. What kind of wedding is this?
  2. Is this a ceremony or a reception? Or both?
  3. How old are the bride and groom to be?
  4. What’s their style(s)? (I hinted that one could tell of their style from their manner of invitation and choice of invitation card).

These questions sound like one has to go through racks and racks of dresses such as these, right? 

Shop Sensibilities blog on what to wear to a wedding

Sounds a bit too hectic too ? Well, maybe. But wedding is probably the biggest event for anyone and if you want to attend the occasion with at least a respectful stance, considering all of these aspects is quite necessary.

Here are the reasons behind these questions.

  1. Knowing what type of wedding will help you narrow down your choice of outfit. For example, if the wedding is a formal event held in a big church, you don’t want to show up in a casual dress and appear to be disrespectful to the couple.
  1. Knowing whether it is a ceremony or reception will help you determine the appropriate styles of your outfit. For instance, if it is a morning ceremony, you may want to avoid looking a bit silly with a ball gown dress. The most basic guideline to consider includes these points.
  • lighter color tone for day time
  • darker color tone for evening, especially for reception
  • shorter length for day time
  • longer length is more suitable for evening events, if longer length is more preferred.
  1. Considering the age and style of the couple and their wedding style will help you avoid making a bad outfit choice. For instance, you may not want to over-dress in an $800 designer dress to an intimate wedding held at the couple’s back yard, or when you know the bride has chosen a frugal approach and will wear a wedding gown passed down from her own mother, or even grandma. Similarly, you may not want to wear a jersey sundress to a wedding where you know it will be formal, elaborate, and extravagant. Of course, it doesn’t mean that one has to spend a fortune to show up and live up to your friend’s luxurious style either. This is where knowing how to choose the appropriate outfit while making a wise choice rests on careful and thoughtful considerations.

Now, let’s highlight a few wedding types and what dresses may be wise choices.


If your friend’s wedding will be held in a country club, garden, vineyard or other outdoor settings during daytime, here are a few nice choices. The key elements are romantic, sweet color in pastel tones or bright color in passionate tones. If the wedding style is toward the formal, you want a more elegant and dressy piece. These styles below fall in these categories. 

Here is a beautiful dress to enhance the loveliness of a garden or any outdoor setting.
Shop Sensibilities country club wedding guest dress

Here is an elegant dress in pastel blue with all the romantic details to enjoy this love-themed event. A great choice for vineyard wedding.

Shop Sensibilities something blue wedding guest dress

What is more thoughtful than bringing more blooms to your friend's wedding. This dress in bold floral print is a great way to celebrate your friend while looking adorable. A nice outfit in a country club wedding.

Shop Sensibilities garden wedding guest dress

Another great way to send your best wishes to your friends is taking that symbolic "something blue" to their wedding. 

Shop Sensibilities romantic something blue wedding guest dress


For more casual weddings, you may consider wearing pretty dresses but in less formal style. Here is a good choice where the details of the style dress itself up, making it suitable for most party events.

Shop Sensibilities elegant outfit for casual weddings

Wedding is the loveliest occasion one would ever attend and what is more suitable than taking a bunch of hearts to the occasion with this pretty pink skirt made out of little hearts?

Shop Sensibilities love theme outfit for weddings

Wearing floral to a wedding is almost always right since the blooms in floral print expresses happiness, excitement, and blessings of all things in nature. 

Shop Sensibilities romantic outfit for casual weddings

It is important to remember that in almost 100% of the situation you would want to avoid wearing an all white outfit so this symbolic color could be lovely preserved just for the bride on her most important day in life.

Beach & Destination Weddings

Imagine the beautiful seascape and the romantic atmosphere of a wedding. The setting itself offers a myriad of styles which could be considered appropriate. Something soft, in maxi length, and vibrant in colors would be great choices. 

This stunning floral dress in maxi length will make a great choice for a destination wedding as well. 

Shop Sensibilities bold floral maxi dress for beach weddings

Here is another elegant dress suitable for the beach setting. 

Shop Sensibilities goddess dress for beach wedding

If you are part of the bridal party or a close relative to the bride and groom's family, consider a dress such as this one with a more formal structure and fabrics. 

Shop Sensiblities formal dress for destination weddings

What makes destination weddings the extra fun is you get to attend the wedding and enjoy a trip afterward with your comfy sandals after the ceremony and/or reception. 


Shop Sensibilities full lace dress for destinations weddings

Evening Receptions

If you are invited to a wedding reception in the evening, go for darker and brighter colors. 

Shop Sensibilities fashion blog post

Nothing speaks more passionate than the lovely bright red dress such as this one. 

Sensibilitie dress choice for evening wedding reception

No matter which style you would pick, a dress with some elegant and/or romantic features will never go wrong. 

Lace trim dress for evening wedding reception

While you decide on the best choice of outfit for this event, if you are still uncertain, it never hurts to check with your gal friends. If you are a close friend with the bride, you may also ask for her opinions. 


After thinking through these questions, I suggested my sister to consider these options for some extra aesthetic appeals. 

Shop Sensibilities artistic Chinese dress for formal weddings and special occasions

That's all I have for you, sis. Anyone else got another idea to offer? We'd love to have your comments.

Thanks for reading! 

Hong M

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