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We sincerely invite you to share your writing with us. We love to publish your writing on our blog as long as it is written on a topic within these categories: fashion, nature, culture, art, music, literature,  intellectual thinking, or other subjects including beauty, food, and travels.

We currently invite everyone to write on the topic Fashion and Personal Histories.

Below is a basic guideline for this topic.

1. Pick out a few (or more than a few) pieces of clothing in your collection and write about your memories of these items. Please note that your selections do not have to be anything fancy, glamorous, luxurious, nor pricy. Authenticity if all we look for. That means, you are writing about your own personal life and the pieces of clothing that are or were part of your life in some ways.

2. You could focus on any aspects of these selected styles and write about why you selected these pieces and how they have played an important and/or meaningful role in your life.

3. Readers would like to see the actual pieces of clothing that you write about. So, please include some images of these items when you send us your writing. Upon your request, we may choose to edit your images for you to assure that your images would be presented in their best conditions.

4. Due to the nature of this topic, we reserve the rights to decide whether we would publish the entirety or partial of your writing. We appreciate your understanding. You could submit your writing in any format and email to us at: shopsensibilities@gmail.com.

We look forward to reading about your stories. As it is part of the reasons why we have established Sensibilitie, we want to learn about our own identities and histories, and in the process of realizing our vision, we also care about our customers and wish to learn about their histories.

Hong M

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