To Be Or Not To Be, Different: Why We Are Not the Same?

Sensibilitie store news 

Dear friends, 

We have gathered questions that had been sent to us by customers over the past year and we would like to take this occasion of our first anniversary to answer these inquires. 

Sensibilitie blog post on why we are different

First and foremost. We are sorry. We Are Different.


The reality is, our worlds are immersed in an environment like this below image with hundreds of informational sources coming our ways each day.


Sensibilitie newsletter

Unlike many other retailers, we do not send you one or more emails everyday. We don’t believe in giving our customers massive and constant nagging about our presence. We would only send you a newsletter when we have something new to announce or when we come up with something creative to share.


Sensibilitie blog on why we are different

We love all forms of art including the genre that manipulates our mind with an inspiration. But as a business operation, we do not trick you in any way.

Differ from other store sites, we don’t play mind games with our customers on pricing. We offer the best prices for the values of our merchandise and do not set these prices 2-3 times their values only to offer later massive discounts to fool customers in thinking that they are getting a great deal.


Sensibilitie flash sales

We see a lot of these in the email these days.

2-Hours flash sale yesterday.

A secret sale this afternoon.

A private sale tomorrow.

A limited access sale in two days.

And so on and so forth.

Sorry. We don’t do these as well. When we do it, there must be a unique reason and a more personalized one. It will not be one that is camouflaged in a myriad of different forms. After all, a sale is a sale is a sale. This is a never-ending game played by those who set the prices at much higher range where they could offer a sale after another sale.


Sensibiliite holiday sales

Christmas Sale in July? We've seen so many of these a few months ago.

Sorry. Again. We don’t do sales for all big and small holidays. We celebrate most holidays throughout the year and love to reward our customers with sales for special time of the year, but we don’t scramble to offering sales like most others. The reason behind this is twofold:

The First:

Have you noticed that Christmas comes earlier by each year? These days, we are led to think about "Black Friday" before we finish dressing up our Halloween decorations. And even before the holiday to give thanks, we are rushed to the holy "spirit" of Christmas. We certainly are doubtful of such "spirit".

At Sensibilitie, we think holidays are special days but need not be made into commodities and channels of commercialization. Instead, we offer sales for more personalized, meaningful reasons. 

The second:

Our pricing is marked at the most competitive range to minimally sustain our business. Therefore, a discount of 10-15% is already a big margin for us. We do wonder why there are some stores that could offer up to 80% discount year round. We could do the math too, but we don't do manipulation.  


We import over 50% of our merchandise from independent suppliers and designers. This means our products are made in very small quantities and are not in massive production and distribution. We labor to find these unique styles from independent sources and cooperate with and in support for small businesses and individual designers.


Sensibilitie a trendless passion

Here at Sensibilitie, we don’t follow flashing-by trends. We don’t tell you what trend to follow. Therefore, we keep most of our merchandise for more than one season or even year. We believe that great styles are those that express individual sensibilities and not those to be used just to say “I’ve got the hottest trend right now!”


Sensibilitie brand

Our brand is like a little flower growing out of a rock. We are sure different, but we also embody one type of aesthetics that is unique to ourselves. Just like every one else in this world. We are all different and beautiful.

Thank you for reading this blog. We strive to continue our trendless passion.  

Hong M

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