Our Story

Our brand is a story of symbolic metamorphosis. It is about being and becoming. It is a tale in which we are finding ourselves and pursuing a courage to embrace who we are as unique individuals and who we will become as meaningful human beings.

Conceptualized by two best friends of 24 years, Hong and Ling, Sensibilitie is created out of our passion for nature, traditional culture, art, literature, music, and intellectual thinking. Like many young girls growing up into teens and young adults, we had always tried to dress ourselves proper to a given time, place, and situation. We played safe going through secondary school, college and graduate schools, trying our best to look appropriate but never entirely outside of the fashion trends of the time.

Many fads passed by and we had tried out many trends from the 80s to the present day, back to the styles of the 70s and further back. Still now, we love our jeans from the flare-cut to the boots-cut, the baggy, slouchy, straight-leg, skinny, and the boyfriend and girlfriend jeans. Yet we realized we had experienced most trends of the latter half of 20th Century without finding our authentic selves. Then, what is that genuine part of us that speaks to our lifestyle and philosophy? We have pondered this question many times.

We started to envision a category of fashion that is now the brand of Sensibilitie: a trendless passion. It is a type of conceptual fashion that embraces our sensibilities that may exist outside of current trends, fads, and styles. It is a brand of clothing one could wear that may transcend socio-cultural time, place, and traditions. More specifically, we strive at collecting and creating product lines that embody universal love of and devotion in vast elements of nature, culture, literature, arts, music, and intellectual thinking.

Then, contextualizing life and fashion further, we wonder could we get art out of the museum for a change? Could we save the life of poetry by putting it on ourselves and our clothing? How could we help to make novel-reading a meaningful devotion again? How do we bridge our emotional love of something and express it as part of what we wear? Can wearing an intellectual concept move the concept to higher platform? How do we express appreciation of music outside of the sound world? Can we share traditional cultures of the world off theater stages and embrace nature in various ways? These are just some particular questions we are working on as we build on our product lines.

On the other hand, thinking in a broader scope, universality is considered here as we imagine and believe that there must be millions of women out there just like us, who are not literary and cultural scholars, musicians, artists, experts of nature, nor philosophers. Yet we have a deep passion and emotional impulse that naturally draw us to these fields of knowledge and ways of life. So, here we are.

As a start-up business, this project of building Sensibilitie will be a long journey for us. We appreciate that you have read our story of friendship, identity-search, character- building, and celebration of becoming better. We look forward to sharing the products of our sensibilities with you.

As captured in the top photo of us two, we are now out of the curvy cave of following and fitting in.  We no longer chase after trends. Here, we are all about embracing our sensibilities. Cheers to our youth long gone, our strengthened identities newly found, and our best selves have yet to be and become.

Hong & Ling


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