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To appreciate our customers who have joined the Sensibilitie family, we reward our registered members with the following discounts and promotions.

New Arrivals Discount

All subscribed customers will enjoy 20% Off on all products in the New Arrivals collection. This offer remains active for all products in the New Arrivals collection for a limited time while those products remain in this collection.  A coupon will be sent to all subscribed customers when a new batch of products have newly added to our store collection. 

Loyalty Reward

Points are given for registered members for various activities engaged on our site, including initial account registration and purchases. Please refer to this chart below for reference.

Shipping Benefits

We offer the following shipping benefits for our registered members:

    1. Domestic order of $70 and above qualifies for ONE time Free Shipping 

    2. Domestic order of $150 and above qualifies for TWO times Free Shipping (That is, you get free shipping for the present purchase and free shipping for your next purchase without order limit if the order is placed within 30 days from the first order.  A coupon for free shipping will be sent to your registered email. Please note that this coupon is non- transferable).

      On-Going Discounts For All Customers

      Sensibilitie members will enjoy all on-going discounts and promotions provided for all customers.  To learn more about these on-going discounts, please refer to discounts for All.

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