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Thank you for your interest in the Sensibilitie Collections. We are passionate in creating our clothing collections that derived from our sensibilities towards art, culture, nature, literature, music, and intellectuality. Due to the newly established of our business, our current collections focus on these three categories of sensibilities: art, culture, and nature.

We at this stage carry seven Formal Collections that are divided under three Categories: Aesthetics, Nature, and Vintage. By “Formal Collections” we are referring to collections of clothing and fashion styles that are collected by the Sensibilitie team with specific conceptual and artistic vision defined for each collection. We hope the following descriptions of our Collections will help you better understand the Sensibilitie Collections.

The Aesthetics Category

 The Aesthetics Category contains the Paradigm & the Lacetasy Collections. As the name suggests, the Aesthetics carries styles that convey particular senses of aesthetics and artistry.

The Paradigm Collection focuses on artistic motifs originated from various sources of art forms and cultural motifs. These elements of art could also be taken from a particular painting technique or pattern in a given art genre. Similarly, a cultural motif could derive from specific visual patterns and artistic elements forming the patterns.

The Lacetasy Collection consists of products made of some parts and some types of lace that enhance artistic outcome of the product designs. We connect the idea of lace and fantasy to connote the mysterious beauty embedded in the complex design and artistry of lace pattern and texture.

The Kkaawwaaii Collection is added to appreciate graphic art of various subgenres, including cartoon and animations. The term is inspired by the Japanese word "kawaii" which means "cute" in the broadest sense. This line of product focuses on cuteness of cartoon characters and graphic representation of animals.

The Vintage Category

 The Vintage Category contains three Collections: the Roots, the Nostalgia, and the Renaissance. We use the concept of “vintage” is an overarching sense to include all ideas and designs from the past, including the very ancient and traditional past.

 The idea behind the Roots Collection is to gather elements from ancient sources that include cultural motifs from tribal, aboriginal, ethnic, and folk elements. These could be in a form of a sign or symbol in the product design. Within this guideline, we are bringing together a collection that sweeps through time and geography.

 Nostalgia is the Collection of clothing containing cultural traditions of the East. This includes designs and elements from the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and some Southeast Asian styles of traditional Thailand and Vietnam. Due to the long history of these eastern cultures, some styles especially those from ancient China could be dated back from millennia ago. This Collection challenges our cultural memories while offering adventure to our personal sensibilities.

 The Renaissance Collection consists of Western classic dated back from centuries ago. Most vintage styles we gathered for this collection are from the 20th century, however. These include popular themes, motifs, designs, and symbols of the fashion world in the past century. We limit our collection to include styles that have taken the test of time and sensibilities.

The Nature Category

The Nature Category has two collections: Freetopia and Simplicity. By “nature” we have in mind the nature of humanities and the larger environmental nature of our world. The first notion of nature is reflected in our present Collections.

The idea behind the styles collected in the Freetopia is based on our notion of being free. That includes what it feels like to be free and what it appears to be like to possess the sensation of freedom. Correspondingly, the styles in Freetopia resemble much to some hippy, Bohemian, and gypsy fashion. More so, with Freetopia, we are trying to imagine a land with true freedom. This is our utopian vision.

 The Simplicity Collection contains clothing styles that convey artistic beauty and emotively pleasant senses through designs with simplistic elements and compositions. Such beauty and sense could be found in a given color choice, a particular silhouette, or the overall design of the style. More so, these styles express notions and suggest impression of simplicity as a way of life with an approach to living life in a simple, authentic manner.

As our business expands, we strive to create more clothing categories that express the latter three aspects and worlds of our sensibilities: literature, music, and intellectuality. We appreciate your support of our business and your interest in our brand vision.

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