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Abstract Watercolor Dress

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Looking sophisticated to work has become easier these days when you have an eye for artistic print such as the abstract watercolor pattern on this dress. Printed in shades of blue and purple-blue, this form fitting dress with a waist belt give you a chic and polished look. Like random brush strokes sweeping across a clean canvas, this dress has a print that doesn’t dull the eyes or bore the mind. The more you look at it, the more you can appreciate the pattern. While the blue hues keep everything in the calm settings, the bluish purple shade brings in a touch of soothing senses and delicate mood.

Polyester, Blue tone, Imported

Bust: 35-6 (89 cm)
Hip: 36 in (92 cm)
Length: 38-9 in (99 cm)

*See our sizing guide for further reference.

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