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Batwing Lace Shirt

$ 27.99
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Shirts are so versatile that we all wear them. But don’t just wear any ordinary shirt. Featured here is a one-of-a-kind of shirt that is uniquely designed with features that would make you stand out in handsome and feminine ways. With button-down style at the front, this shirt is demanding its attention with the floral lace lining the entire front and back of shoulders and half way through both sleeves. Finished with a unique design of a back button-closure that gives you shapes if desired, this style could be worn tucked in or un-tucked. The wide batwing sleeves put a spin against the conventional form-fitting shirt and will give you all a playful style.

Cotton/Polyester, Imported, Black

One Size*
Fits up to Extra Large
Bust: Undefined
Length: 27.5 in (70 cm)

*See our sizing guide for further reference.

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