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Botanical Garden Dress

$ 29.99
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There is not a time when a trip to a botanical garden doesn’t heal the stressed out mind just a bit. Take joy in appreciating the magic of floral and foliage in their all natural forms, shapes, patterns, and colors. Featured here is a dress with gathered waist that displays various unique floral prints to help you be more in touch with nature. Whether you take this dress on a trip to the tropical place, relax on a cruise stopping by warm lands, or kick back and be yourself in a social gathering, this dress has a soothing effect to ease your mind.

Cotton, Multicolor, Imported

One Size*
Fits up to Medium for a loose fit
Bust: 38.5 in (98 cm)
Length: 45.3 in (115 cm)

*See our sizing guide for further reference.

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