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Classy Navy Trench Coat

$ 49.99
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Enjoy the classics with a color that makes this the all-time, chic and sophisticated choice for a coat. Featured here is a classic trench coat with all the trench details plus the double -breasted design. Tailored in quality cotton, this coat in navy tone elevates any simple work outfit into one with plenty of chic flair, while making your color- matching task effortless. While navy goes perfectly well with other neutral colors in all shades, it is also the perfect hue to tone out any bright palettes in the pink, red, and purple shades.

Cotton/Polyester blend, Navy, Imported

One Size*
Fits up to Medium
Bust: 38 in (98 cm)
Length: 37 in (94 cm)

*See our sizing guide for further reference.

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