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Embroidery Long Tee

$ 23.99
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Here is a long t-shirt that brings out the arts of embroidery on a simple canvas.  Against the white background, the embroidered floral patterns on this tee effortlessly demand attention. With bold contrasting colors in the embroidery, this long t-shirt is a little statement top on its own. Pair this with a full midi length skirt in black and white stripe, or half-tuck in this top in a pair of flare denim for a chic and urban boho style. And you’re ready to spread the love of embroidery.  

Cotton, White tone, Imported

One Size*
Fits up to Medium
Bust: 39.4 in (100 cm)
Length: 25.5 in (65 cm)

*See our sizing guide for further reference.

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