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Handsome Menswear Coat

$ 44.99
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The beauty of being a woman these days is you could dress as girly as you want, or you can steal the show with a menswear style with pieces such as this coat. Tailored in an oval silhouette with dropped shoulders giving a bit of an oversized cut, this coat is modeled upon men’s outer suit minus the stiff feel of a formal suit. This style brings out the chicness in broad and bold-framing outfits, while keeping it unique for a woman’s body. Whether you dress this coat up or down with other formal or casual pieces, a handsome look is not an option to take away from this outerwear.

Wool-Blend, Imported, Lavender & Tangerine tones available

Bust: 38" (98 cm)
Length: 32" (83 cm)
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