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Lacy Side Slit Dress

$ 24.99
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Slit has become such a fun and unique design these days and there are so many ways to enjoy this style. Feature here is a dress tailored in lace fabric with elegant trimming details at the hemline and a long slit at the front extending from the waist down to the dress hem. We selection of the pink dress makes many stylistic combination. Try pairing it with a black cami and leather legging for a chic outfit. And how about going all out with various pink tones? Any shades of greys, browns, and olive greens will make a perfect match with this style as well.

Cotton/Polyester, Brown, Imported

One Size*
Fits up to Medium
Bust: 40 (106 cm)
Length: 40 in (102 cm)

*See our sizing guide for further reference.

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