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Little Blue Flowers Dress

$ 19.99
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The crowd goes to the roses and bypasses the little blue flowers. They go to the shiny spotlight and neglect the soothing scene. You stop in front and stare straight into the blue hues. You love the serenity it gives the same way you adore this dress featuring rows and lines of little blue flowers. Uniquely designed with China collar and button-down style, this dress is tailored with unusual cut with pieces of the arm connecting with the shirring waistline, giving it a semi baby doll style with matching shirring at the back of dress. A great pattern with inviting, peaceful mood.

Cotton, White/blue tone, Imported

One Size*
Fits up to Large
Bust: 45.5 in (116 cm)
Waist: 47 in (120 cm)
Length: 34 in (86 cm)

*See our sizing guide for further reference.

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