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Sarfari Print Cardigan

$ 24.99
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Bring out your passion for the safari with this knit cardigan featuring two patterns of animal prints on the front and back in opposite orientation. The zebra print in black and white on the right adds fun interest to your outfit, while the leopard print on the left puts an edgy touch to your outfit. To dazzle your admirer even more is the addition of the batwing sleeves in bright yellow, perfectly complementary to the purple in the banded trims along the V-neckline that matches with the purple hues in the leopard print. Pair this with a tailored skirt and a waist belt above the cardigan and you will look sophisticated in the office. Try layer it over other dresses for other unique looks.

Cotton, Imported, Multi-Color

One Size*
Fits up to Large
Bust: Above 50 in (127 cm) (or undefined at the bust line)
Length: 24 in (61 cm)

*See our sizing guide for further reference.

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